UltraMixer Home

Two Player

Load your Music into two Playlists and blend between two players just like a DJ!

Waitlist & Wishlist

Prepare your Playlists within a Waitlist and save Songs to a Wishlist for later!


Manage your Music, create folders with Playlists and edit ID3 Tags and BPM Values


Listen to the Song you plan to play next using your Headphones


Use the tools you need: Sampler, Special Effects, Crossfader, Equalizer, and many more!


Record your Music Mixes, save your Song as MP3 and share it with your friends!

Import Playlists

Load your Songs from iTunes, Apple Music or M3U Files to your Playlists

Export Playlists

Export your Playlists as M3U Files or create a CSV File with your Setlist

Remote App

Take a break from your Laptop and control your Players with your Smartphone


Choose between an English, German, French, Dutch or Japanese user interface

Parties & Events

with UltraMixer Auto DJ

Set up your Playlists and start your Party!

UltraMixer Home has all features you need to start in the world of digital DJing and play music at the next house party.

Import your playlists from iTunes or Apple Music, create your own DJ-Mix or use the “Auto DJ” and play your songs like a Jukebox in the background.

Add digital effects to improve your transitions, use the Audio Sampler to fire sound samples and adapt the speed like a DJ.

An upgrade from UltraMixer 6 Home to a higher version like Basic or Pro Entertain is always possible.

UltraMixer Basic

Four Player Mode

Switch between two and four Player Mode and react even faster to Music Wishes!


Create your Music Mixes like a Pro with one Big Waveform and Mini-Waveforms

Intelligent Groups

Automatically add Songs with matching ID3 Tags to create Playlists in your FileArchive

Master Volume & Gain

Control Volume and Gain of all four Players with just one Click

Auto DJ

Hours of Music with perfect transitions – automatically play Background Music with the Auto DJ


Easily remember schedules and names to guide your audience through the evening

Audio Sampler

Create stunning effects by adding customizable 32 sound samples to your Music

Special Effects

Use Effects like Brakes, Spins, and BeatGrids to your Songs and fire up your Mix

Customizable Interface

Adapt UltraMixer to your needs and put your tools right where you need them

Multiple Sound cards

Use internal and external sound cards to optimize your sound

Dancing Schools

Music Software with Remote Control

The UltraMixer Software works great for Dancing Schools around the world!

Organize your music within the FileArchive, edit ID3 Tags to match any dancing style to each song, and adjust BPMs, TPMs, and time signatures.

With intelligent groups and multiple search tools, you can easily filter through millions of songs on your hard drive and load them to your playlists. The Auto DJ will then automatically play your songs.

Focus on your students – not your laptop: with the UltraMixer Remote App, you can connect your Smartphone to the UltraMixer Software. Just pause and play whenever you like while teaching new dance moves!

UltraMixer Pro Entertain

MIDI Controller

Use UltraMixer with over 80 MIDI Controllers - new devices will be added!

MADRIX Lighting Control

Create the perfect atmosphere by connecting light equipment

Live camera

Connect UltraMixer to a network camera like GoPro and show stream it live on a huge monitor


Lower the volume with one click of a button while making announcements with your microphone

Music Videos

Play official music videos, display karaoke lyrics or share your self-created content on a screen

Visual Effects & Samples

Add visual effects and custom video or image samples to your show!


Must-Have for Wedding DJs: show off the newlyweds photographs while playing their favorite love song

Live Text

Make announcements with live text messages on a second screen

Multi-Channel Soundcards

Play your music all over your devices: Headphones, MIDI Controller & Speakers


Stream your mixing session online via UltraMixer and connect with your fans

Mobile DJ

Audio, Video & Karaoke

UltraMixer 6 Pro Entertain is a professional DJ Software with all the Entertainment Features you need: delight your audience with Videos, Slideshows, Visual Effects, and Live-Text while playing your guests’ favorite songs.

Use your favorite MIDI Controller to mix your music, set up some Microphones to make announcements, and even connect UltraMixer to the MADRIX Lighting Control Software. The Remote App for Smartphones gives you control over your Players while enjoying a short break from your Laptop.

Multitasking Abilities: synchronize and blend your music automatically between 4 Players while adding Cue Points and Effects, pre-listening to songs, or loading titles to your Playlists. You can even integrate your audience with the help of a Live-Camera or make announcements by showing “Live-Text” on a flat-screen or a video wall.

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Pro Entertain
Big Waveform
Two Player Mode
Four Player Mode
2 Playlist Mode
Crossfader & Equalizer
Video Mode
Master Equalizer
Automatic Gain Control
BPM Analysis manual manual automatic
iTunes Import
Search Methods
Special Effects
AudioSampler 16 Slots 32 Slots 32 Slots
Music & Karaoke Videos
Visual Effects
Streaming & Broadcasting
Supported Hardware
Multiple Sound Cards
Multi-channel Sound Cards
MIDI Controller
Madrix Lighting Control
Network Camera
Network Mode / Multi-Instance Mode

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