07. Search Methods

Quick Search #

The Quick Search is the fastest way to search for a title in your UltraMixer FileArchive. You can find the search field at the bottom of the FileArchive toolbar.

💡By clicking on the magnifier within the search bar you can switch between the Quick Search, Filter Search, and Highlighter Search tool. You will learn more about the differences in this article.

To search for a title, just click on the text box and enter some keywords. Click Enter to start the search through your FileArchive. If your search was successful, a new folder “Search Results” including all matching songs will be created.

Column Search #

The Column Search works just like the Quick Search, only with one difference.

In the search bar below the FileArchive, you can first enter the Title of the Column, e.g. “Artist” or “Title”, followed by a colon and your keyword. Here is an example:

Searching for “Madonna” would show all results with the keyword included in the title, artist, or even a comment. If you search for “Artist: Madonna”, you will only see songs created by Madonna in the search results.

💡 You can narrow down the results by using two columns. For example: “Artist: Madonna Rating: 3-5”

Filter Search #

Do you know where the song you are looking for is located in your FileArchive? Great! To narrow down your results, you can use the Filter Search at the bottom of the FileArchive. Just remember to enable it by clicking on the magnifier and selecting “Filter”.

The results will adjust automatically with every character you type. All the titles that match the input are filtered within your searching folder.

Just like using the Quick Search option, a new folder will be created to show the search results.

Highlighter Search #

With the Highlighter Search, the search results in your FileArchive will be highlighted in another color. To enable this tool, click on the magnifier at the bottom of the FileArchive.

Similar to the previous search options all marked groups are merged in a new search folder after pressing „Enter“.

Live Search #

If you want to quickly access a known title, you should choose Live Search. After entering the first letters, the first matching title is automatically selected.

To use live search you have to enable the tool in your Appearance Preferences in the tab “General”.  Click into the FileArchive, Playlist, Wishlist, or Waitlist and start typing to show the search bar.

Detail Search #

If your FileArchive has quite a few songs of a single artist, you might need a more detailed search option. There are two ways to enable Detail Search: either use the shortcut (⌥ + S for Mac and Alt + S for Windows) or click the arrow at the bottom navigation bar next to the Archive Mode and select “Search”.