01. How to set up your Soundcard

Our users often ask us for the right sound card settings. Because there are 3 different UltraMixer versions, the sound card’s settings and supported feature set are also different.

Home #

Supports simple soundcards

Limited assignments of output channels

Basic #

Supports multiple soundcards

Connect a second sound card for preview, but you can not assign multiple channels separately

Pro Entertain #

Supports multiple and multi-channel sound cards

All output channels can be assigned individually as long as the card has sufficient outputs

Note: When using UltraMixer you have the possibility to use three different types of sound cards: integrated soundcards, external or USB soundcards, and MIDI controller sound cards. In the following, we show you how to set up each sound card.

Integrated sound card #

Usually a sound card is integrated in each computer.
With an integrated sound card, the user usually has only one channel available, the preview option via the headphones is not possible. Settings for the integrated sound card can also be found in the audio setup.

Set up external soundcards #

ℹ️  First connect the external soundcard, then start UltraMixer.

Windows #

Under Windows, before using the external sound card, you need the appropriate Asio drivers
be installed. Please check, if the drivers are designed for 32bit or 64bit operating systems.

What is an Asio driver? Read a small summary about it in the following article.


  • 1. Are the current Asio drivers installed?

    Asio allows the software to access the multi-channel capability of sound cards.

  • 2. Now plug in the sound card

    After installing the drivers, you can plug in the USB sound card.

  • 3. Start UltraMixer and assign the channels

    preferences → preferences → Audio → Soundcards
    Here you can assign the channels individually.


Connecting an external sound card to Mac is much easier as it does not require Asio drivers to detect the channels.

If you still get only 1 or 2 channels displayed, you have to change the speaker configuration from “Stereo” to “Quadrophonic” in the audio midi setup.

Here you can read how it works.