01. How to sort your FileArchive

Every DJ should sort their own music library to a certain extent. That sounds easy, but with around 100,000 songs in a music library, it turns out to be easier said than done.

Here are some tips and tricks to sort keep your FileArchive nice and tidy.

Create setlists for each event #

Just as important as general playlists are directories tailored to the respective venue.

Digital DJs should go through their files and create their own playlist for the evening. This eliminates the hectic jumping back and forth between the “general playlists” during the performance. This way, the set gets a certain flow and there is more room for creative mixing.

You can put together playlists for different situations and name them according to the genre. So, depending on the mood at the wedding, company party, etc. you always have the right songs up your sleeve.

Import your iTunes playlists #

Many DJs and dance schools manage their huge music databases with iTunes. You can easily import the playlists and songs created there into the UltraMixer FileArchive.

Export playlists #

By exporting playlists, e.g. as an M3U file, you can keep the folder structure in your FileArchive more minimalistic.

You could plan multiple playlists for a future event, e.g. “Romeo’s & Juliet’s wedding playlist” or a setlist for the next dance competition. Until the event, you can simply store these playlists on your hard drive and import them again to UltraMixer when you need them.

Create intelligent groups #

Once created, intelligent groups save you tons of time in managing your FileArchive. Create playlists with the “most played tracks”, playlists with topics such as “Best of 90’s” or filter your music for certain dance styles or genres.

Use color markings #

Highlight your groups in the UltraMixer FileArchive with different colors to get an even better overview. You could mark different genre types and quickly change the genre in your set. For example, mark all Pop music groups in blue, all rock groups in black, and so on.

Separate private songs from DJ tracks #

Too many DJs confuse their private track collection with their DJ Track collection. Complete albums, EPs, whole or entire collections can be found here multiple times. Various tools for MAC like the Gemini duplicate scanner or the “quick search” functions in Windows can identify such duplicate titles or folders and you will be able to remove them later. Why don’t you dump track form your archive you wouldn’t play again? If you clean up this mess you will make the collection much cleaner, easier to manage and the duplicates do not hinder you when you search for tracks. It is worth to think about such a “clearing action”. You do not even play any of the titles from the top 100 list forever, so clean them up as fast as possible.

Doubts? Simply create a backup of your archive and work with a new temporary one.