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01. Two Playlist Mixer Mode

The 2-Playlist-Mixer mode is the mode in which UltraMixer is opened by default.

(1) Sound player
(2) Playlist
(3) Waveform
(4) Mixer
(5) Navigation bar
(6) Widgets

The Soundplayer (1) is the central element of the software. Among these, the playlists (2) are
positioned. They contain the desired tracks. On the top there is the Waveform which
visualizes the dynamic of the track (3). In the middle of the Soundplayer the Widgets (6)
are placed and underneath the mixer is located (4). And finally beneath everything is the
navigation bar (5).

In the following section the aforementioned areas will be described briefly to give an
overview of the entire software. Afterwards a brief introduction is served, that shows the
first steps to play music with UltraMixer.