Upgrades vs. Updates

Did you ever wonder what is the difference between UltraMixer Updates and UltraMixer Upgrades? Learn more in this article and use the full power of your DJ Software.

UltraMixer Upgrades #

If you are using one of our older Software Versions, like UltraMixer 5, 4, 3, or even 2, you can upgrade your Version to the latest UltraMixer 6. To thank you for your loyalty to our products, we will give you a free personal coupon code for 50% off the UltraMixer 6 Version you would like to purchase.

UltraMixer Updates #

UltraMixer Updates are free of charge and can be downloaded from our Website for our latest UltraMixer 6 Version. You can read more about the update changes in our UltraMixer Changelog. We recommend you keep your Software up to date to enjoy the full power of your UltraMixer.