11. I want to use UltraMixer on another PC. Can I do this?

Would you like to use UltraMixer on another PC? Then there may be a few things to consider.

Number of Licenses #

Question: Can I just activate UltraMixer on my other PC, or do I have to buy a second license?

Answer: You can simply download, install and activate UltraMixer using the same license key file as described in this article. As long as you only use your older PC for backup purposes, there is no problem with this. Find out here what you can do if you can not find your license key file.

Change of operating system #

Question: I would like to switch from Windows to Mac (or vice versa). Can I use my license?

Answer: It depends on which license you purchased when you made the purchase. There are different license types for UltraMixer: for Windows, Mac, and a cross-platform license. Only with a cross-license, you can use one license for both operating systems. If you have purchased a license for a specific operating system, you can use our offer to upgrade to a new license. Here you get a 50% discount on your desired UltraMixer version. After the upgrade, you can use both your previous and your new license to the full extent and have two independent UltraMixer programs.

Switching from an older to a newer operating system. #

Question: Is my current UltraMixer version compatible with the operating system of my new PC?

Answer: Check our system requirements to see if your UltraMixer version is supported by a current operating system. Development on older UltraMixer versions (3, 4, and 5) has been discontinued for several years, so they are no longer adapted to newer operating systems. In this case, we recommend either upgrading to a new UltraMixer version or using your old operating system with the older UltraMixer version.

Relocation of the FileArchive #

Question: Can I move the FileArchive from my previous PC to my new PC?

Answer: Yes! You can easily export your FileArchive from your old computer and import it back into UltraMixer on your new computer. You can find more detailed instructions here.

Please note that both FileArchives will work independently of each other after the move. This means that changes on your old PC are not automatically transferred to the FileArchive on the new computer. To transfer the changes, you would have to export and import again.