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With the Video and Image Sampler you can display video clips and pictures at the press of a button and within seconds. Present commercials, jingles, logos or promotional films to your audience – fast and simple. Moreover you’re able to undock the widgets from UltraMixer and move them to a second monitor or tablet to stay on top of things.

This post will show you where to find the Video Sampler and how it works.

Find a description of the Image Sampler in our past blog post.

Where can I find the Video Sampler in UltraMixer?

You’ll find the Video Sampler in the widget-menu of your UltraMixer. Just open this menu and choose the respective widget. The sampler is available in every view of UltraMixer.

How does the Video Sampler work?

After choosing the Video Sampler from widget-menu 16 free-allocable slots will appear. You can insert video clips of all established formats (MPEG, MP4, ASP DivX/Xvid, WMV). Your Sample Player will now present you a thumbnail to make sure you’ll find the requested video clip in a twinkling.

Left click on a thumbnail to play the video clip in the VideoMix Widget. A yellow frame shows you which clip is currently presented. Another left click on its thumbnail deactivates the playback in VideoMix widget.

The Undock-Feature

You can undock the Video Sampler to move it to a seperate window. This feature is practical if you want to use a tablet or touchscreen. 

Undock the widget with pressing this icon.

Display it in fullscreen with pressing this icon.

Close the seperate window with pressing this icon.

How can I configure it?

To configure your Sampler you just need to open the options-menu by right click on of the Sampler slots.

In options-menu you’re as well able to upload another video clip to the selected slot.

In addition you can set the following adjustments for the selected video clip:

  • Loops, transitions and replay
  • Volume
  • Playback speed

For what can I use the Video Sampler?

You can use this feature to display prepared video clips within seconds. Present commercials, clips about tournaments or teams and various visual effects.

You can also combine the Sample Player with other UltraMixer features, f.e. Live-Text feature to conjure short messages on a screen.

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