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Ultramixer Forum Online again

Our good old UltraMixer forum has been completely redesigned.

A modern Discourse Community Forum awaits you with a ton of new functions and a fresh layout. Of course all old accounts and posts have moved with them.

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Music licensing for private events

Today i like to write about music licensing for private events. Even though every country has its own legal regulations, it generally matters if the event is public or private. The Performing Rights Organizations enforce the copyright. To list a few ASCAP, BMI,SESAC, PRS for music.

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Tips & Tricks for Wedding and Mobile DJs

Wedding tips with UltraMixer 5S Pro Entertain It is common practice for a bridal pair to meet with DJs before they decide on the DJ for the wedding. This can be in person or with a call. The DJ can convince them with a pleasant and competent attitude. His skills can be seen when he attends to what the pair wants, shows his repertoire and his references.

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Multichannel sound cards in DirectX mode

When multi channel sound cards are used with directX instead of ASIO, the sound mode of the windows operating system must be adapted to your available channels to show them correctly in UltraMixer.

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