The upcoming version UltraMixer 2.3.6 supports import of iTunes music files and iTunes playlists as well.
iTunes music can be imported to UltraMixer in two ways:
1. add single files from iTunes over the iTunes FileDialog
By clicking on the button “+ File” and selecting “Add files from iTunes” an iTunes file dialog is opened, which displays the whole iTunes library with all playlists. Here it’s pretty easy to navigate and search in your iTunes music library. The designated files can be selected and directly added to your UltraMixer playlist.
2. add whohle iTunes playlists to the UltraMixer file archive
Even the import of iTunes playlists to the UltraMixer file archive is possible, by clicking the “^” Button select “import” and “Import iTunes playlists…”. The playlists are displayed as groups in the file archive.
UltraMixer 2.3.6 will be released on november the 1st as RC (release candidate) version.

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