UltraMixer Halloween

It’s Halloween time at UltraMixer. In the following post you will learn how to use the video sampler to highlight your Halloween party visually.

Furthermore, we provide you with 16 spooky audio samples for your UltraMixer audio sampler. The samples are downloaded as MP3 and can then simply be loaded into the sample bank via the “Load” function.

In addition, with UltraMixer 6 you are able to load scary clips into your video sampler. There are a total of 16 freely assignable slots available.

Right click on a slot to swap the clip it contains. Your clips should have .mp4 format. In the menu, you can also change the playback type (loop, direct play, etc.) or alter your clips transparency. There are more than 25 effects available. 🙂

You can equip your UltraMixer Audio Sampler with spooky Halloween sounds. We will provide you with a selection of 16 Halloween samples free of charge. Just download and load into your audio sampler.

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