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02. Audio Sampler

Introduction #

The UltraMixer 16-slot sampler supports your moderation and helps you with the transition between two songs. You can play short samples or entire songs in a predefined order and play them with the push of a button. Use your mouse, your keyboard, or the sample pads on a MIDI Controller.

To enable the feature, click on the Widget Menu and choose the Audio Sampler.

Every sample button comes with a number of playback options such as “Direct Play” or “Loop”. You can configure the button by right-clicking on a slot. We will explain all the available options below.

How to customize your Samples #

Load / Empty #

Use MP3 sound files and load them into the sample bank by selecting “Load”. Vice versa, you can also empty the slot by clicking “Empty”.

Loop #

The sample will be continuously replayed.

Directplay #

The sample will be played only as long as you hold the mouse button.

Fade out at Stop #

Create a smooth end of the sample’s sound by slowly decreasing the volume and fading out.

Playover #

UltraMixer will adjust the volume while playing the sound of this individual sample according to the volume you set with the slider below.

Replay #

Whenever you push the sample slot button, the sound will start back from the beginning.

Volume Settings #

Activate the “Playover” Mode and set a volume for this individual slot by adjusting the slider.

Sample speed #

Use the slider to adjust the speed of your sample.