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How to Reinstall UltraMixer

You might have run into some problems with the UltraMixer Software, contacted our customer service and our developers advise you to reinstall UltraMixer. Well, sometimes, this is the only way to refresh your overall settings and changes within the program.

If you want to know how it’s done – keep reading this guide!

Step 1: Open the Directory #

In the UltraMixer Preferences > Advanced >  Misc you can open the directory of UltraMixer by clicking the button “Show Data Directory”.

Alternatively, you can open it here:

C: \Users\<your WindowsUsername>\AppData\Roaming\UltraMixer6\

ℹ️  If you can’t see the AppData files, please make sure you have enabled “show hidden files” in your Explorer settings.

Mac OS:
/Users/<yourMacusername>/Library/Application Support/UltraMixer6/

ℹ️    If you can not see the Library file, press ⇧+⌘+. to show them or directly navigate to the path using ⇧+⌘+G.

Step 2: Close UltraMixer #

Close the UltraMixer program. Please leave the data directory open.

Step 3: Save your License Key File #

To save your license key, copy the .um6key file from the data directory on your desktop.

Step 4: Save your FileArchive #

To back up your file archive, open the “data” folder and copy the “filearchiv” folder to your desktop as well.

Step 5: Uninstall UltraMixer #

Leave the data directory open. Then uninstall the “UltraMixer” program the usual way:

Windows: Windows settings> Apps> Ultramixer6 > Uninstall

Mac OS: Drag and drop the program to the bin

Step 6: Delete files manually #

Check whether all files in the above data directory have been deleted. If not, please delete these files manually.

Step 7: Reinstall and Activate UltraMixer #

Download UltraMixer again and install the software. To activate your license, YOU can click> Unlock after starting UltraMixer and search for the .um6key file that you copied to your desktop in step 3.

Step 8: Import your FileArchive #

Now open the data directory of the newly installed UltraMixer software (see step 1). You can now delete the “filearchiv” folder in the “data” folder and replace it with the FileArchive saved on the desktop in step 4. To do this, copy the “filearchiv” folder from the desktop and paste it into the “data” folder in the data directory.

Done! Now try to see if UltraMixer works properly.

If you are still running into problems, please don’t lose your hope and trust! Just contact our customer service, send new log files and we will help you find a solution.