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Red Exclamation Marks

Meaning & Background #

If you noticed red exclamation marks next to the music titles in your UltraMixer FileArchive – then you have found the reason here why your music simply does not want to play.

Unlike yellow exclamation marks, red exclamation marks mean that the file path to the music file could not be found.

You need to know that UltraMixer does not save the file itself in its FileArchive, but only the file path of the music track.

Example of a file path: C: /user/musik/charts/shaun.baker.mp3

If this title or folder is moved, renamed, or deleted from your PC or the external hard drive, UltraMixer can no longer find the way to this file and marks the corresponding title in the FileArchive with a red exclamation mark.

Therefore we recommend you first set up your folder structure on the PC or hard drive and then load the tracks into UltraMixer.

Solutions #

You now have two options:

1. Undo the changes by moving the music files on your computer back to the original file path or by undoing all renaming of folders and files.

2. Delete the tracks from your UltraMixer FileArchive and import the files from the new folder directory on your PC or your hard drive.

UltraMixer offers some assistance for this second possibility. The small arrow button next to “Archive” in the lower bar of the program takes you to a menu for synchronizing, checking, or emptying your FileArchives.

In addition, you can manually change drive letters and file paths using the “Customize FileArchive Paths” option, and thus show UltraMixer the right way again.