03. How to optimize overall Audio Performance on Mac

This article shows some tuning tricks for Mac to optimize your audio performance and run your audio applications like UltraMixer even better.

Please keep in mind: “Never touch a running system!” So, don’t change anything if you don’t have to.

Step 1: Turn off System Sleep #

In the Energy Saver System Preferences Panel, select the Sleep / Battery tab, and set the option titled “Put the computer to sleep when inactive for…” to “Never”.

Step 2: Turn off AirDrop #

In the upper-right of the screen, next to the clock, click the AirDrop icon, and select Turn AirDrop Off. The AirDrop automatically scans the airwaves for available networks. This takes up some of your system resources, and can sometimes hurt performance. It’s easy to turn back on when you’re not performing.

Step 3: Turn off Bluetooth #

In the Bluetooth Preferences Panel, uncheck “On”, and uncheck “Discoverable”. It’s easy to turn back on when you are not performing.

Step 4: Turn off Time Machine #

If you use Time Machine to back up your computer (which is a great idea!), turn it off when you’re recording. Your Mac may pick some inconvenient times to start a backup. Select the Time Machine System Preferences Panel, and set Time Machine to OFF.

Step 5: Turn off unnecessary startup items #

In the Accounts System Preferences Panel, under Login Items, uncheck any items you don’t need to start every time your system boots.

Step 6: Quit any unnecessary applications #

When recording, make sure to close any programs unrelated to your current project. This will free up the most memory possible for your recording apps. You can monitor how much of your computer’s resources any program is using with the Activity Monitor Utility (located in Applications > Utilities)