06. Slideshows

Working as a Wedding-DJ and the newlyweds wish for a slide show showing their love? No problem for you!

Here we will show you how to set up UltraMixer Pro Entertain to give a great slide show on a huge screen.

Step 1: In the preferences settings you will find the item “Video” and a separate tab for slide shows. Tick the box to display the slide show and select the folder that contains the photos. Of course, this will work also with the USB stick that some guest gave you just a minute ago 😉

You can determine the display time of each photo, transition effects and order of the images. Apply the changes and click OK to save.

ℹ️  UltraMixer shows photos according to the file name in ascending order from 0 to 9 or A to Z, so make sure to prepare and edit your files if you want full control.

Step 2: Connect a projector or another screen to your laptop.

Step 3: To display your slide show, open the “Video Mix” widget and double click inside the window or click on the icon at the bottom corner to the right. Drag the newly opened window onto your second screen and maximize.

ℹ️  To take the show up to the next level, you can use the „Visuals“ widget and add some nice effects to the photos. Just try and have fun!

That’s it! Keep your focus on your playlist or moderate through the program while presenting the show.