02. How to connect Bluetooth Speakers

Step 1: Activate the Bluetooth devices
“Pairing mode”

First, enable your Bluetooth devices’ pairing mode. You can look for a button with a Bluetooth icon on your speaker or headphone, but there might be other ways to activate pairing mode. Please check the manual of your device for more information.

Step 2: Connect to your PC

Now it’s time to adjust some settings to your pc. Please read the following instructions in regard of your computer’s operating system, macOS or Windows.

ℹ️  If your Computer has problems finding the Bluetooth speaker as described below, check if any other device, e.g. Smartphone, is automatically pairing with the speaker. You can try deactivating Bluetooth mode on this device, activate pairing mode on the Bluetooth speaker once more, and continue pairing with your PC.

Settings for Mac OS

To pair the Bluetooth speaker with a Mac, go to the settings dialog and select “Bluetooth”.

On the left-hand side, you should be able to see if Bluetooth is active. Turn on the Bluetooth symbol on your Mac.

On the right side of the window, you can see all Bluetooth devices nearby. You should be able to see the name of your Bluetooth speaker.

Connect the device with a click on “Connect”.

The speaker is now connected to your PC.

You can continue with step 3.

Settings for Windows 10

First, go to the Windows settings and click on “Devices” in the settings dialog. Next, select “Bluetooth and other devices”.

Toggle the Bluetooth switch on to activate the module. After that, click “Add Bluetooth or other devices”. This opens another dialog.

Your computer will now start looking for Bluetooth speakers nearby. Select the name of your Bluetooth device to connect your PC and speaker.

Step 3: Adjust the UltraMixer Audio Settings

Now let’s go over to the UltraMixer Audio settings.

You have to transfer the appropriate UltraMixer outputs to the Bluetooth device.

In this example, it’s the headphone outputs. By clicking on “output”, a list of several devices will open.

Choose your Bluetooth speaker again.

Repeat this process for all desired outputs and press “Apply” (or “OK”).

After restarting UltraMixer, the Bluetooth speaker is set as speaker output and ready to use.