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07. Clicks & Shortcuts

Main mouse functions #

All important UltraMixer functions are attainable with the mouse. There are some principal rules:

Single-click with left mouse button (left click):
• buttons are activated/deactivated
• audio files are marked, which means, a colored background appears
• functions and actions are chosen in the menu

Double click with the left mouse button:
• knobs and sliders are set back to their standard positions
• titles can be imported
• files can be opened

Press left mouse button + further actions:
• knobs and sliders can be turned and moved
• audio files can be dragged and dropped or imported
• scroll bars can be shifted

Single-click with right mouse button (right-click):
• knobs and sliders are set back to their standard positions
• menus and further functions can be opened
• all knobs and sliders can be turned and moved

The use of all elements will be explained in more detail later on.

Main keyboard functions #

The keyboard is used to extend the functions, which are attainable with the mouse. In addition, shortcuts allow you to get to the most important functions. This makes the use of UltraMixer more efficient and faster.

Shortcut Rules:
• Ctrl is responsible for the left side of UltraMixer.
• Shift is responsible for the right side of UltraMixer.

Additionally, there are some keys, whose functions can be adjusted in the “Preferences”.

The standard shortcuts will be explained in the appropriate chapters.

Shortcuts #

The following examples will be used for Player 1. To use the same shortcuts for Player 2 just exchange the Shift key with the Ctrl key.

Ctrl + F Add directory Ctrl + D Add file

Ctrl + F3 Play

Stop / Cue
Ctrl + 1 Start/Stop playback from cue point
Ctrl + 2 STOP / CUE

Set Volume
Ctrl + PERIOD Increase volume
Ctrl + COMMA Decrease volume

Mixer – Effects
Ctrl + NUMPAD8 Activate/Deactivate CutOff effect
Ctrl + NUMPAD7 Activate/Deactivate Flanger effect
Ctrl + NUMPAD9 Activate/Deactivate Resonance effect

Mixer – High / Mid / Low
Ctrl + DIVIDE Kill high frequencies on/off
Ctrl + SUBTRACT Kill low frequencies on/off
Ctrl + MULTIPLY Kill middle frequencies on/off

Ctrl + F7 Frame-Search backward
Ctrl + F8 Frame-Search forward

Load Playlist
Ctrl + P Load selected Playlist File into the Player

Ctrl + M Activate/Deactivate Mute

Change Speed
Ctrl + F9 Decrease the speed of the playback
Ctrl + F10 Increase the speed of the playback
Ctrl + F11 Activate/Deactivate the Pitch Bend down
Ctrl + F12 Activate/Deactivate the Pitch Bend up