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09. Yellow Exclamation Marks

Unlike red exclamation marks, the yellow ones before a title in the UltraMixer FileArchive intend that this track is set to “read only” on your hard drive.

Among other things, this can be due to the insufficient file rights of the logged in user or this title was set to “read-only” in the document properties.

UltraMixer therefore has no write access to the file in question (incl. Id3 tag). Therefore, nothing can be overwritten or changed in the file.

All values like, waveform, BPM, key, cue points are saved in the UltraMixer database but not in the ID3 tag of the track.

If the UltraMixer database is lost, this information is no longer available and cannot be restored.

You can remove the write protection for individual files or entire folder groups yourself.

Here you can read how that works.

The function, yellow exclamation point for read-only titles, can be switched on or off in the UltraMixer settings. You will find this function here: Preferences -> Preferences -> Appearance -> Tables