04. Auto DJ

You can use UltraMixer as a jukebox to play music in the background when no DJ is needed. The “Auto DJ” takes over this job as an automatic mix machine at your private garden party or during wedding moderations.

Where to find the Auto DJ mode? #

You find the Auto-DJ Button in the Fading Widget or the Mixing Area of your UltraMixer. Just open this menu and choose the respective widget. The Fading Widget is available in every view of UltraMixer.

How does it work? #

Activate the sync function in addition to the Auto DJ and UltraMixer automatically adjusts the beats on the panels. The length of the diaphragms / transitions can be set here as desired. It ranges from 0.1 seconds to a maximum of 20 seconds of fading duration. This creates a non-stop music mix without UltraMixer having to be operated continuously. The entire time can be edited via the playlist / wishlist during auto mixing without interrupting the mix. You can change the order of tracks, add new tracks or exchange them. When the “Duration” function is activated in the playlists, you’ll always have an overview at which time the auto mix ends.

Auto DJ Configurations #

If the above functions are not enough, you’ll also find an “Auto DJ” menu under Settings > Mixing.

Here you can adjust further settings such as a BPM sync limit, asynchronous fading, the “Pause” Feature, or getting the crossfader moved automatically when Auto DJ starts and stops.

How to skip a Song #

It is possible to skip songs manually while the Auto DJ is activated.

With a left-click on “NEXT”, the next track of the opposite playlist is started independently and will be faded in. The button is off during this process. The skipped title is only ended after the transition has been completed.

“Pause” Feature #

The “Pause Feature” in UltraMixer creates a predefined gap between your songs. With this feature, you will have time to talk to your audience or dancing students before the next song starts to play.

To enable the Pause Feature, go to the mixing settings of UltraMixer. In the “Auto-DJ” tab, activate “Pause before the track”.

Here you can set how many seconds should pass before the next title begins to play. Please note that the pause time will be added to your fading time. If your fading time is set to 6 seconds and the pause is set to 5 seconds, it will take 10 seconds to start the following song.

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ℹ️  Remember: the pause feature can only be used in “Auto DJ” mode. In normal mixing mode, the function is deactivated.